My Bio

Jahmaal Hays is an educator, entrepreneur, and empathic leader. He is a global citizen – born in Jamaica, and having lived in North America, Europe, and Asia. He is a trained meditation master and healing practitioner with a degree in Alternative Medicine.

From creating software and online communities (before social media), to teaching, to charity and relief work, to building a global company with clients in at least 12 countries – Jahmaal draws from a diverse background combining ancient and modern knowledge to guide others in life.

Jahmaal Mixing Medicine
Jahmaal mixing magical remedies

Want to know more about me?

Here is a little background information about myself to give you a little peak into my perspective of life.

Natural Living

I was born in the hills of Jamaica where there was no electricity, running water, or even a road. My family lived off the land. Neither of my parents ate meat, and we ate food that we grew. This was long before I ever heard of anything like vegan, organic, or living off-grid. This was typical life for my childhood.

My family believed that nature had the cures for most if not all ailments. Things such as fermented roots, natural supplements, herbs and healthy foods were well known to me. Of particularly help were herbal scrubs for frequent rashes when I was younger. There are many ways to use plants and food to improve our health and treat disease. Such a mindset was ingrained in me from an early age.

Now my education is formalized with a degree in Alternative Medicine. I have studied many ways to help the body heal itself naturally with modalities that include Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, plants, food, exercise and body manipulation. It is important for me to combine traditional and indigenous methods with the understanding that comes with modern science.


I’ve officially been a yoga teacher for 12 years. Yoga has always been a sacred practice for me but became even more so after living in India for 5 years, yoga courses, and interacting with countless sages, swamis, gurus, monks, etc. I have learned many ways of practicing yoga and have taught yoga under many labels. Ultimately there is only one yoga and yoga can be practiced in all things. Any great teacher of any subject will teach lessons of yoga (even unknowingly) that can be used anywhere in life to live in a balanced way.

The amazing tools of yoga and meditation helped me gain greater insight as I tried to figure out my purpose in life. They helped me to open my eyes up to the world and to myself – what would make me happy and fulfilled. I am here to share the pure gift of yoga with love and intention. It is something that anyone can practice, regardless of flexibility, medical conditions, ethnicity, religion, etc. because yoga itself is a state of being.

Sound Therapy & International Business

Almost everyone in my family plays an instrument. Music is always a big part of family gatherings. I think this played a role in how I perceive using vibrations for health and has given me greater perspective as a teacher of such practices. But sound therapy with singing bowls first entered my life during my first visit to Nepal when I was 12.

Years later, while I was living in New Delhi, I came across a source for singing bowls and began to export them around the world! This was the start of Eastern Vibration, which now serves 5 continents and over a dozen countries. I would make frequent trips to areas with practicing Tibetan Buddhists like Dharamshala and Nepal to learn more about singing bowls. When I found them and inquired about their use, I was often told that they can be used for healing and meditation, but beyond that were very plain unhelpful answers.

Singing bowls always stood out to me, but I saw their real value when therapeutic aspect of sound revealed itself over time in my classes and yoga nidra sessions. I would use singing bowls during the guided relaxations and the feedback was incredible! So incredible, in fact, that I would get requests for 1 hour of relaxation with sound instead of a typical physical yoga practice. I was told amazing stories of relief from acute ailments and chronic disease, or maybe just shoulder pain that was there for years, simply disappearing. Thus, began my journey of using sounds as a healing tool.

That’s when I really started to research and understand – from the knowledge within me combined with the hard sciences – how sound moves and heals. My mother (who joined Eastern Vibration) and I created the training program and basis for the award-winning sound treatments as we practice and teach them today, using sounds around and vibrations directly on the body. We use principles from yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Swedish massage, and intentional healing in addition to our working knowledge of the body to create the treatments we do.

Healing with sound (acoustic vibrations) may be the most powerful healing modality because of its potential to change physical particles (the molecules that make up the world) and how they move. I am proud to share this amazing science with hundreds of healthcare practitioners. It is something that I never pictured myself doing, and it is a new concept for many people. Healing with vibrations has become a powerful way to make ripples in the world in different aspects of life.

Coaching & Consulting

After Jamaica, I grew up in the Caribbean, South Florida, and finished high school in India. Because I moved around so much, I did a few years of school through online courses. I taught myself and could go at my own pace.

Teaching myself helped me to reflect and learn about myself. It also gave me plenty of time to learn and do things that interested me. I created websites, started online communities with niche interests, learned 2D and 3D graphic design, made online games, built computers, and learned a lot about other cultures.

In many cases I had to motivate myself and find solutions on my own. These experiences have led me to starting my own business and helping other businesses. I use my insight and zen teachings to find creative solutions in many areas of life.

If you have read this far, you should know a little bit more about where I’m coming from. As a bonus, here’s a fun fact: Amon is my middle name, and that’s how this website got it’s name.