Jahmaal’s Projects

I have founded multiple companies and have worn many hats. During my journeys I have played the roles of designer, marketer, sales manager, accountant, trainer/teacher, customer service rep, health consultant, and shipping & logistics expert, software developer, IT expert, legalese interpreter, and of course, founder. There’s probably more, but you get the idea. If there’s one lesson I can share, it’s that you have to be willing!

This page is a brief portfolio with a few of the interesting projects I am working on or have worked on.


Eastern Vibration

Eastern Vibration is dedicated to sharing the power of therapeutic sounds with around the world and have done much work in pioneering the expansion of sound therapy. We’re a large part of the reason you can find amazing instruments like Himalayan singing bowls in wellness destination resorts around the world, as well as tourism hot spots like Miami, Dubai, and Las Vegas.

JAH Advisory Co

JAH Advisory was created to accelerate paradigm shifts in consciousness. We currently focus on helping organizations and individuals to reach their highest potential through mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self mastery.

McMaking 3D

What began as a hobby has become my rabbit hole into the world of prototyping, manufacturing, material sciences, and robotics. This is primarily a STEM/educational YouTube channel focused on 3D printing and building stuff. We’re still doing some market research, but online store is coming soon!

Open App Suite

A privacy focused suite of apps that offers open source alternatives to popular apps such as zoom, twitter, and github.

Sound Health Institute

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Other Projects

  • Media Production
  • Podcasting
  • Server management
  • Software Development (AI, machine learning, trading bots, solidity)
  • Private cloud computing services
  • Real estate investments

International Training

I have conducted training in wellness, customer service, sales, marketing, and personal development.

Misc Design & Branding

For me, everything is art! Everything we experience is designed from an expression – a logo, a brand, an online interface, an email, a sale, and even the customer service experience on the phone.

  • Logos
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Slogans
  • Fliers
  • Social Media

Logo Designs

Yoga & Sound Therapy

Some will call me a master. I don’t. But I am good at what I do! I’ve practiced for over 25 years, have taught yoga around the world for almost 15 years, and love sharing this gift. Wellness is a part of life for me. We can’t accomplish much if we don’t have our health.
In addition to yoga, sound therapy is also something that I offer and teach. Learn more about group or private sessions.

Personal Projects


More coming soon!

  • Community service
  • Woodwork
  • Cooking
  • Brewing Kombucha